When people come together, magic can happen

The story of PocketSocial began from a group of young entrepreneurs who wondered what the world would look like if we could enable ordinary people to join like minded individuals to follow their passions in an easy way. We wanted to provide a platform, so that even the average nerd can become a social butterfly. What was out there just wasn't cutting it and we wanted to provide something sexier & simpler. Join us in our pursuit to make the world a more exciting place, develop amazing experiences and contribute to local communities.

The social gateway for amazing real life experiences in your pocket, "Pocket Social".


Our mission is to help people around the world find their passions, create and share amazing experiences together by self organizing the best events for everyone.


Be Sincere & Trust Others

Be Curious and Courageous

Be Open minded

Diversity & Change

Take Risks & Innovate

Grow Together


We believe people are happiest spending time with people they like.

We believe magic happens when we do great things together.

We believe less is more, and technology should be simple - almost invisible .

We believe in putting our customers first. We're here to serve.

We believe in measuring success by how many smiles we've put on people's faces.